Learn to Paint in the heart of the Greek Islands.

Beautiful islands, bright sunshine and the relaxing environment of the Greek Islands and the Greek people that inhabit it, create an amazing environment to learn to paint, or simply to enjoy the satisfaction of creating art  in one of the most spectacular places on Earth.

My name is Sue MacDougall or to my friends Kiwi Sue. As an artist I came across the tranquility of Aegina over a decade ago and loved it, so much that I made it my home right up until last year when I made the trek back to the Land of the Long White Cloud.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Greek Islands and you may have even been to Greece, but Aegina is where the Greeks themselves go for holiday, a genuine jewel in the Saronic Gulf near Athens. You’ve probably worked out that I love it and that is why I have created a course where you can come and experience Aegina and paint it with me for one week in a small group of between 6 and 10 people. This is one experience that you will remember forever.

Aegina Painting by Sue MacDougall
Aegina Paining by Sue MacDougall
Aegina Painting by Sue MacDougall

Sue MacDougall.

Growing up in New Zealand I developed my passion for Art and painting. I found what creates the most excitement for me is temperature and the brightness of the subject that I am painting, the energy that gets directed into every stroke of the brush. The colors of a painting can be calming or stimulating  and can compliment not only the decor but the environment that you find yourself in.

Over a decade ago I found myself in the Greek Island of Aegina. Instantly I found myself attracted to the colors, the brightness of the island and the calming nature of the Greek inhabitants. That’s what lead me to living in Aegina for the next ten years as an expat. 

In 2017 I returned home to live in New Zealand and am very excited to be introducing others to the experience of the area and learning to paint and experience the tranquility of Aegina. Come along and you’ll soon see what I am talking about for yourself. I can’t wait to show you Aegina.  

Sue in Aegina
Relaxing in Aegina
Sue in Aegina


Aegina is close to the port of Pireaus on the mainland. Visitors must arrive by boat but the journey is short (between 40 and 80 minutes depending on which boat) and an enjoyable part of your holiday experience. Enter into the bustling port of Aegina town and drink in the view: a moon crescent harbour with fishing boats, fruit filled caiques, and glamorous yachts jostling for position. Once on Aegina you can enjoy island life but easily leave for day trips to Athens, the Saronic islands – Agistri, Poros & Hydra – and the Peloponnese.

The myth has it that the island took its name from the most beautiful of the twenty daughters of Asopos, the river god, who eloped with Zeus to the then deserted island. In historical terms, there is evidence that the island was inhabited from as early as 3500 B.C. The island enjoyed strong economic and social growth between around 900 B.C. and 480 B.C., including minting the first coins anywhere in Greece during the 7th. Century B.C. In more modern times, Aegina was briefly the first “capital” of modern Greece from 1827 – 1829.

What’s best about this journey is that as someone who has lived in Aegina for over a decade I am proud to include you as part of my group, of course I can offer advice as to the best places to go and what to see on the island, the day tours you can take off the island and even some advice on where to go before and after Aegina if you are planning to see more of Greece and in fact Europe as well. 

Boats in Aegina
Chapel in Aegina
Old Map of Aegina
Ruins in Aegina


Please note that Aegina is spelt Egina when Greeks translate the name into English as displayed by Google here.

Art in Aegina Course.

This course is designed for the beginner right up to the experienced painter who wants to experience the joy of painting in the tranquil environment of Aegina Greece in the Aegean. We keep the group between 6 and 10 students at most so that I can ensure that everyone gets the experience that I’ve worked hard to create.

My friends at House of Travel in Ellerslie, Auckland, New Zealand have created a package that includes accommodation and transfers as well as everything you need to make this trip an adventure that you will never forget.  

Of course they can help you tailor your arrival and departure to suit the nature of your full trip to Greece and Europe; for the Art Course here is the Itinerary we have prepared for our students:


Day 1.

Arrive in Athens today and enjoy a transfer from the airport to your centrally located hotel.

Overnight Athens

Day 2.

This morning Sue will meet you early to catch a taxi to Piraeus and on to Aegina, a short ride away by hydrofoil. Although only a short walk to the hotel, we will taxi there so you do not have to carry your suitcase.

Enjoy a welcome lunch at a local taverna and introductions.

Welcome to Aegina packs which will lots of information/map of the island and surrounding islands provided plus an overview of your next few days.

Overnight Rastoni Hotel, Aegina

Day 3, 4 and 5

You will spend these days the same way, making art in the morning, taking a break for lunch at a local taverna, before back to the studio for the afternoon until early evening. While in studio enjoy an endless supply of Greek coffee and cookies.

Overnight Rastoni Hotel, Aegina

Day 6.

Enjoy your last full morning in the studio, enjoy an afternoon either discussing your work and your last few days activity, take a swim, explore or just relax. Say goodbye to your fellow artists over a farewell dinner.

Overnight Rastoni Hotel, Aegina

Day 7.

*If you are heading off back to Athens Sue will escort you back to your Athens hotel for the night.

Overnight Athens

Day 8.

Depart by transfer to your hotel.


Ruins in Aegina
Painting Ruins in Aegina
A Yacht in Aegina


Our next course is booked to start on September 7 2019. During the Autumn months we will be delivering a number of courses so watch out for the dates.

I’ve booked the next course in Autumn which is the best time to avoid the Summer holiday rush as well as the heat that Greece can experience over the Summer.

September is also the month Aegina hosts the Fistiki Festival, to celebrate the new harvest of Pistachio nuts something the island is famous for.

Check out the dates that best suit you, I maintain small classes of between 6 and 10 so that everyone can get the relaxing experience that is suited and tailored to everyone.

Please get in early as we need to collect deposits and book hotel rooms etc. Aegina gets busy in September with the festival and I want to make sure we get the best rooms.

Enquire Now.

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